Healthy Weight 

Improve your shape and get leaner and healthier with Shaklee 180™, a complete weight-loss program with clinically tested products*—plus personalized support, rewards, and more.


Healthy Nutrition 

The foundation for a lifetime of health with scientifically advanced purity, potency, and performance. Why settle for anything less?


Healthy Home 

What you put around your body is just as important as what you put in your body. That's why home should be the safest place on earth. Clean it up with the safe, powerful, green, and smart clean that is Shaklee. And surround yourself with health.


Healthy Beauty 

The same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside. So trust your beauty with the number one natural nutrition company that knows nutrition inside and out.


*The weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180™ Program was tested in a 12-week preliminary study. The Lean and Healthy portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a 9-month study along with exercise.